Money Champ Coaching

Access | Education | Empowerment

Money Champ Coaching is an affordable financial coaching system providing pre-wealth access, education, and empowerment to less affluent households.


Through financial coaching strategies similar to those available to mass affluent households, Money Champ Coaching will increase the number of households transitioning from less affluent to mass affluent. Participants who complete Money Champ Coaching will be prepared to purchase a home, retire, & make better financial decisions. Other benefits include improved financial wellness, increased credit rating, and less financial stress.


“The difference between your yesterday and your tomorrow is what you decide to do with today”

-Shellie M. Bowman Sr., EA, CRPC, MSM

The Money Champ Coach

Money Champ Coaching Overview:

  • 12-month coaching period consisting of 3 phases and a recovery period
    • Ready – Preparation is key
    • Work – Go harder than ever to financially win
    • Win – Realize planned results
    • Recovery – Autonomous re-engagement under coach’s observation

Who makes a great MCC prospect?

  • Anyone desiring to improve their personal finances
  • An affordable solution prior to bankruptcy or after bankruptcy discharge
  • Recent College Graduates & Newlyweds
  • Pre-Retirees (within 5 years)
  • Anyone Rebuilding Credit
  • Pre – Home Buyers (within 18 months)

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